Economic suicide of Xbox Game Pass? The author of “Lodge P” praises the subscription – INDIAN

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Lie P. Pleasantly surprised. The dark adventure of mechanical Pinocchio has captivated players all over the world. Turning the game on Game pass. The management of the Korean studio Round8 just spoke about it.

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We’ve often heard negative reviews about subscriptions from Sony and various developers. Launch day games on Game Pass are supposed to be risky and, from an economic and merchandising standpoint, not pay off in the first few weeks of life. He’s of the opposite opinion Jiwon ChoiThe head of the Lies of P development department is pleased and reveals one of the advantages of working with Microsoft.

“The Xbox team has run a number of marketing campaigns for Lies of P. I can’t give an exact number, but a huge number of players play our game through Xbox Game Pass. I believe that both sides have achieved a very good result through this cooperation,” he said. Choi said this in an interview with Game Rant.

This is with brand new games marketing is very important. Game Pass has a large number of players (must be over 30 million subscribers), and that’s where Lies of P went. Now creators can prepare with peace of mind additional content and sequels soul hit in the style of Bloodborne. What exactly we can expect remains to be seen. There are currently two images shown. One suggests the presence of some kind of laboratory, and the other shows the main character on a ship at sea. More information.

While you wait for more information, there are three new Christmas-themed cosmetics you can take advantage of in Lies of P.

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