Last Train Home Boasts Rave Reviews

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Czech strategy Last Train Home was released at the end of November received a positive reception from the point of view of professional reviews and the players themselves, as evidenced, for example, by the 86% rating that the game currently boasts on the Metacritic aggregator and on Steam. Developers from the Brno studio Ashborne Games published yesterday a summary demo version, which collected quotes and numerical ratings from individual reviews.

We awarded the game in our review 9/10 grade with the following verdict: “A fantastic mixture of real-time strategy and survival in which you will be completely immersed in the role of the Czechoslovak legionnaires. Last Train Home tells an interesting story, offers fun gameplay and very good audiovisual visuals. The only drawbacks of the beauty are bugs and a few minor shortcomings that you can probably forgive. The rest is definitely worth it.”

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Source :Indian TV

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