Starfield has already been played by 13 million players and the creators are again approaching news for 2024 – INDIAN

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Space RPG Star field from the creators of The Elder Scrolls saga from Bethesda Game Studios left many players with a bitter taste of disappointment, unfulfilled expectations and the realization that in the end we really got a game that can be described as Fallout 4 in space. But overall, there are so many interested parties joining the Constellation faction that critical reception probably shouldn’t worry creator or publisher Bethesda Softworks too much. As the end of 2023 approaches, the developers have published an interesting infographic revealing that 13 million players have already tried Starfield.

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The infographic also includes details on how many planets players have visited in total, how many days they’ve spent playing the game, or how many times they’ve launched New Game Plus. Here we can also find detailed information about the most used weapons or which types of enemies and living creatures most often succumb to players. Finding out that the most popular food product is the sterile-looking Battlemeal multi-pack is surprising. In the same time If there’s one thing that Starfield can be seriously praised for, it’s the incredible variety of food and edible items., some of which look really tempting and delicious. Therefore, first of all, I would like to expect something more interesting.

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Source :Indian TV

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