ExitLag and Terabyte: Partnership Announced to Optimize Hardware and Connectivity

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ExitLag, one of the main players in the connectivity optimization market, has officially announced another institutional partnership with Terabyte, a company specializing in services and products for gamers. Through the agreement, both companies aim to democratize quality public access to the latest computers along with optimization software that improves user connections and experiences.

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ExitLag and terabyte

Together, Terabyte and ExitLag will host various promotions and events, rewarding the public through social media activation with ExitLag subscriptions, Terabyte peripherals and promotions. Additionally, SuperFrame, a new computer released by Terabyte, will give the first 300 customers a free year of ExitLag.

“Teaming up with relevant partners is important for us to expand our reach to the public and demonstrate how ExitLag can improve the user experience. We want to democratize access, ensuring that all gamers can make the most of their leisure time. Terabyte has the same mission, and together we can accomplish several things, creating new opportunities.”– commented Lukas Stolze, CEO of ExitLag.

Terabyte has been on the market for 17 years and is one of the main e-commerce companies specializing in PC gamers in Brazil. With a mission based on meeting the needs of every customer and partner, the company was the first in the country to offer VIP assembly services and an extended warranty aimed at the well-being of gamers. The company, which hosts weekly YouTube streams offering discounts to the public, will be sponsored by ExitLag in activations.

“With ExitLag we can achieve even more for gamers and the scene itself. At Terabyte we always rely on the customer experience, we want it to be satisfactory on all fronts, that is, we offer the best products for each customer so that he can build his dream computer in the right conditions, and with the help of ExitLag we will ensure that we carry out the basic optimizing routing connections to further improve the convenience of each user,” commented Romulo Simioni, CEO of Terabyte.

Currently, ExitLag is the main company in the market providing its users with software that optimizes connection paths in real time for a better experience in their favorite games. To learn more about ExitLag and follow the latest news, visit the official website or follow them on social media: Instagram and Twitter.

About ExitLag

ExitLag is software designed to reduce ping and latency, reduce the chance of disconnection in online gaming, and has tools to improve frames per second (FPS) performance in games. Present in 190 countries with over 1,000 servers on 5 continents, ExitLag offers exclusive and patented technologies such as multipathing to intuitively increase gamers’ connectivity. ExitLag is an accessory designed for players of all levels: it can be left in automatic or personalized mode, and is professionally supported for advanced configurations available to players worldwide with a dedicated and accessible technical team.

About Terabyte

Terabyte is a desktop e-commerce company founded in 2006 with over 16 years of experience in the market. Known for its personalized service and commitment to quality, Terabyte offers a wide range of electronic products, equipment and peripherals, making technology accessible to all Brazilians.

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