Viking survival Valheim awaits a dangerous volcanic biome – INDIAN

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The year ending 2023 has become a year for players Valheim rather disappointing. In the upcoming game, the developers from Iron Gate want to restore their reputation and give fans the long-awaited big addition. It’s about Ashlands. The extension is described in detail in a long video.

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Ashlands will be released in the first half of 2024 and will bring the region of the same name into Viking Survival with a completely new biome with a volcanic environment. You will have to prepare for a fiery zone with lava and extreme temperatures..

The expansion will also include new siege engines for breaking through the defense of the fortress and bosses Fallen Valkyrie and Charred Skeleton with a Flameheart. In the water we again find the massive snake Bonepaw, although it is unknown whether it is hostile.

Players can also look forward to new dishes. Among them are meat puree, spiced pie and savory marmalade. They will have to be prepared from plants growing in the new region. We’ll know more in the coming months.

Valheim is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and is part of Game Pass.

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Source :Indian TV

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