EA Unveils New Logo and Vision for Frotbite Engine – INDIAN

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Originally created for DICE’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the technology has come a long way in 15 years to become a cross-platform graphics engine that can be used in a wide variety of games. It runs the latest versions of Battlefield, as well as Mass Effect, Need for Speed: Unbound, the recent Dead Space remake, as well as football and hockey series. This is the result of work that the creators have done in collaboration with individual Electronic Arts studios.

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A rebranding was recently announced. The new logo reflects the new vision and personality of the Fortnite engine.. This isn’t just a visual change, but a philosophical change with a focus on working with other EA teams to make the engine more flexible for innovation and easier for developers to work with.

Today, the iconic handprint logo remains, it’s just changed more than in previous years. Before the jagged lines of the logo they represented the philosophy of destructible environments in games. Now the print looks like this natural human hands and is a reflection of the human touch, which helps create these games. The handprint is also a point of connection that keeps the creator of the Frostbite engine in touch with the past and all who contributed and contributed to it.

There is another interesting point in the report. It is said that EA teams are free to develop games on any engine they want. The choice of this option remains with the developers of the Frostbite engine. That’s probably true, with Motive Studios choosing Unreal Engine 5 for the action-adventure Iron Man and Frostbite for the Dead Space remake.

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Source :Indian TV

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