The authors of DayZ “joked” at the expense of the developers of The Day Before

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We’ve updated you on the case and the quick end to “The Day Before” in several news stories over the past few days. Since its announcement, the suspicious game has not escaped the attention of other development teams and studios. For a well-deserved failure of the game, for example answered the developers of the famous survival game DayZ from the Czech studio Bohemia Interactive. Representatives of the studio published a statement on social networks, duplicating the message in which the developers of “On the Eve” announced the cessation of activities and the closure of their studio.

Statement from the authors of DayZ, however met with mixed reactions. While some players thought it was a funny reaction to the infamous ending of The Day Before, a large group of users reminded the developers that even they themselves could not fulfill their promises in the case of DayZ for a long time. A well-known Czech streamer, for example, described the studio’s contribution as very hypocritical. Mazarin.

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But the obvious efforts of the DayZ authors to exploit the attention of those around The Day Before did not end there. Another example is the release of a new DayZ bundle with Icarus, which aptly named “The Day After”. Despite the criticisms mentioned above, for frustrated Back players, this bundle may be a much better investment. By the way, the designer of DayZ and the aforementioned Icarus was the famous developer Dean Hall.

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