The Last of Us Online has been cancelled. Naughty Dog wants to remain a studio focused on single-player games – INDIAN

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Sony’s ambitions to succeed in the world of online gaming are fading. Standalone multiplayer project officially canceled Last of us. This is beyond the capabilities of Naughty Dog, which does not want to become a company focused solely on live gaming service. Neil Druckmann has confirmed the development of more than one ambitious, all-new single-player game.

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“We have made the incredibly difficult decision to discontinue development of this game,” – said Naughty Dog. “We know this news will be heartbreaking for many, especially our dedicated The Last of Us Factions community who have been closely following our multiplayer ambitions. We at the studio are equally devastated and have been looking forward to getting the game into your hands.”

The multiplayer game was originally supposed to be part of The Last of Us Part II. However, during development it was decided to focus solely on the single-player story part and separate the multiplayer mode into a separate game. Official confirmation took place in 2019, and we should have learned the details this year. But since then, disturbing news has begun to spread. Except Bungie has expressed concern that The Last of Us online will be able to retain players for long periods of time.. This should have forced Sony to reallocate resources, with only a small team working on The Last of Us remake.

Sony has appointed Bungie to oversee all live service projects. In a recent report, Naughty Dog admits that The ambitions of The Last of Us Online go beyond their capabilities and will greatly impact the development capabilities of future single-player games.. Despite the elaborate and satisfying gameplay during pre-production, it was later decided to stop full production of the project as such experience would mean years of support and work, which would impact other projects.

“So we had two options: become a live-action only studio, or continue to focus on the single-player narrative games that defined Naughty Dog’s legacy.” they explain.

“The knowledge gained from this game and the investment in technology will be used in the development of our projects and will be invaluable to the direction we are heading as a studio.” we will read further. Then Naughty Dog will confirm it. they’re working on more than one ambitious new single-player game. “We look forward to sharing more information when we are ready.” they deliver.

He probably won’t be among them The Last of Us Update Part 2″which will be released on January 19, 2024 on PlayStation 5. Instead, the third part of The Last of Us is proposed, and previously there were rumors about a completely new one, which should be science fiction.

According to earlier information, The Last of Us Online was supposed to focus on a different part of the world and bring a multiplayer experience with a story and original characters.

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