Starfield will offer new ways to travel next year – INDIAN

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Earlier this week, Bethesda Game Studios released hotfix 1.8.88 for Star field, which mainly deals with cases where asteroids or other objects followed you around while traveling through space. The release of new patches is usually accompanied by a comment from the creators, but this time for some reason it was published via Reddit. In any case, we have a certain a quick look at what’s in store for the game in the coming year.

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We already know that in 2024 Starfield will be complemented by proper support for mods, FSR3 and XeSS, and suitable city maps have also been promised. Because what you see in the game now when you look at the map in any major city is practically unusable. It was recently announced that the creators are also working on fixing various stages and progress of tasks already started. But these fixes are more demanding and time-consuming, and Bethesda Game Studios has created a new system that fixes the relevant errors without the need to interfere with existing saved positions.

However, perhaps the most interesting new announcement is plans for completely new ways to travel. Unfortunately, we have not received any details on this matter, but we assume that this is the case. so the developers will likely want to address either the often boring planet exploration or the fact that a large number of players rely on fast travel too often. (fast travel).

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