Winter Plague, Diablo IV’s first event, is now available

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Diablo IV’s first event, called the Winter Plague, came during a period of eternal darkness and bitter cold that consumed the Broken Peaks. From today, December 12th through January 2nd, players will join a hopeful bard as he warns of an awakening “Red Terror” with his minions, the Plague Demons, who seek to prey on the most desperate souls.

Winter Plague

This event will allow you to complete new missions, upgrade the Event Center, challenge a new boss, and earn rewards, including new cosmetic items.

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  • GileonBard, seeks to revive the holiday spirit among the people of Kjovashad after he hears rumors of evil dangers lurking in the snow and destroying the morale of the inhabitants.
  • When visiting Winter Squarelocated in Kiowashada, increase the holiday spirit and upgrade the area to its full holiday potential by slaying Plague Demons pale blues who pursue the Shattered Peaks for their Infected fragments.
  • ABOUT Plague Feast The Plague Demons must be stopped by destroying the tangles of human entrails known as Cold shells and recover Lost Inheritancewhich can also be used to improve the square.
winter plague
Winter Plague
  • By punishing various Plague Demons for corrupting the inhabitants of the Broken Peaks, players will have the opportunity to come face to face with their sadistic overlord, Red Horror.
  • There is an opportunity to visit Collection table in Winter Plague, when you have Plague Shards, Lost Heirlooms, and other Winter Plague resources that can be exchanged for Winter tests. These can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, including: Mount Trophy, class-specific back trophies, weapon cosmetics, Dawn Shard Legendary Attack Aspect, Gileon Mix, and more.

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