Alan Wake 2 also received a big patch along with NG+

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Alan Wake 2’s highly anticipated New Game+ mode was released on Monday, bringing new manuscripts, cutscenes, or a completely new ending (and introduction). Additionally, Nightmare difficulty has been added to the game, but most of all, the game has received a very detailed patch, details of which can be found here.

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The update brings better optimization on both PC and consoles, especially on PS5, where the time between frames should be reduced to 1.8ms. At the same time, some vision problems were eliminated, and, for example, the unpleasant flicker should no longer be so pronounced. In addition to all this, audio has been improved, overall stability has been improved and, of course, many bugs have been fixed.

In any case, not everything is perfect, for example, players do not like that NG+ starts automatically from the first completed save. If you collected everything before your second playthrough, the items will not carry over to Final Draft. In any case, Remedy is already on social networks. announcedthat it is addressing the issue, but it is unclear when it will be resolved or whether the fix will be retroactive.

Source :Indian TV

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