Why will Indiana Jones be a Microsoft exclusive? Strategically and financially, it made sense, says Disney’s head of games – INDIAN

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When Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media and publisher Bethesda Softworks, the Redmont giant’s management beat its chest that it did not intend to violate the existing agreements associated with the release of Bethesda games on Sony and Nintendo consoles, and it did not do so. they sit down and start deciding how players on other platforms select games. During the federal trial in the case FTC vs. Microsoft what happened this summer, however it turns out that this may not be entirely true. It was then that it became clear that Microsoft has requested an amendment to the agreement between Bethesda and Disney to develop a new game starring Indiana Jones.which is being prepared by the authors of the new Wolfenstein from the Swedish studio MachineGames in collaboration with Todd Howard from Bethesda Game Studios.

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Although, according to the agreement that was concluded even before the purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft, the new Indy game was supposed to be multi-platform. Microsoft pushed for the change to boast further exclusivity in its ecosystem. (Xbox, PC, Game Pass, Cloud). And at Disney they complied. However, we never found out what exactly was behind this change. However, an Axios server recently offered an interview with Sean Shoptawthe head of Disney’s gaming division, who finally shed some light on the whole matter, albeit in vague management terminology.

“With Xbox still being one of the biggest gaming markets, we didn’t feel like we were excluding anyone too much. We believed the game would still reach a wide audience and believed it made financial and strategic sense at the time.” Shoptaw said. In other words, at Disney, which also includes Lucasfilm, which is directly responsible for the Indiana Jones brand, they felt that a multi-platform release was not necessary for the upcoming Indy game to be successful and have sufficient reach..

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