How the unique robot Poro from League of Legends was created

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Cute Poro from League of Legends can now decorate your Mastercard from Commercial Bank. As part of the action, its unique robotic analogue was also created – unique in the world, created in the workshop of Czech authors. They told us how creation happened.

Poro is an iconic and beloved character in the League of Legends world, but players cannot play as him. That is why Komerční banka and Mastercard set themselves the task of coming up with a way that would allow players to control Poro. Thus was born a project with the goal of creating a robotic furry creature from Freljord.

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Nine people worked on the production of the Por robot under the leadership of Martin Pech and Miroslav Holub. The creation took about two months and the authors used a number of technologies to create the shaggy pet. From 3D design to the invention of animatronics, installation of servos and programming. It was definitely not an easy task, and as Martin Pech describes, the biggest challenge was moving the whole body. Poro is prone to jumping in the game, and translating this signature movement into reality was challenging.

Poro consists of 3D printed parts and is reinforced with polyester and fiberglass. The creators chose aluminum as the supporting structure. In total, we can find 5 motors inside the fur coat.

How the unique robot Poro from League of Legends 2 was created

The authors made it possible to control Poro remotely in an original way. It has a built-in receiver with a SIM card. In Poro, players can “play” through a tablet with an app or even through Twitch chat. Martin Pech, one of the creators of the robot Poro, said more.

How does SIM card and tablet management work? Why didn’t the authors just use Wi-Fi/Bluetooth?

By default, animatronics are controlled using professional radios. However, this is quite difficult for the average user, and we wanted Pora to be manageable by the average person. At the same time, Poro had to work anywhere, even outside, and not just within the range of the Wi-Fi network. Connecting Poro via a SIM card also made it easier to connect to Twitch.

The controls on the tablet allow you not only to control each part of it separately (for example, eyes, mouth, tongue, etc.), but also to “program” entire actions in advance. So Poro can, for example, laugh, fall asleep, wake up – and all this by pressing one button on the tablet.

How the unique robot Poro from League of Legends 6 was created

How will it be controlled online (e.g. via Twitch chat) and how and when will Pora be controlled in this way?

Can sometimes be controlled via Twitch during special broadcasts by participating influencers – Herdin, Freeze and Charmy. For every ten cookies viewers send to Poru in the chat as an emoji, he will perform one of his hilarious stunts. During his first stream, viewers sent him over 2,300 cookies in less than an hour.

How the unique robot Poro from League of Legends was created, illustration 3 Poro to scale

The Poro robot is the only one in the world, and if you want to always have it at hand, you can purchase an original Mastercard payment card from Commercial Bank. In addition to the cool design with Por, you get 6,250 RP directly in League of Legends, which can be used to purchase new skins or other in-game gadgets. You can also choose a skin with the character Kai’Sie.

Source :Indian TV

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