The GTA VI trailer can be told in reverse – INDIAN

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Avid fans of Grand Theft Auto never cease to amaze. GTA 6 first trailer they take apart every last scrap and look for the smallest details.

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They recently came up with an interesting idea. Perhaps Rockstar is trying to fool us all, and Lucia is actually trying to fool us. he tells his story from the beginning of his criminal career?

Just think about it. In the trailer we see that Lucia is in prison. Then he is freed and enjoys life to the fullest. What follows is a hit-and-run, a store robbery, a wild car ride, a motel scene, and a wood shop being kicked.

One fan got his hands on this theory and he reversed the scenes from the trailer. His video begins in a motel, where Lucia persuades Jason, and ends in prison. Look at:

It is also possible that Lucia was arrested more than once. However, one detail supports the opposite theory of storytelling. The main image of Grand Theft Auto VI shows Lucia on her ankle. electronic bracelet to monitor the location, but when raiding a store, he doesn’t have it. Or did someone take it off her?

What do you think?

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Source :Indian TV

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