Terrorizing Geese Developers Unveil New Big Walk – INDIAN

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When the slogan appeared on the screens of The Game Awards 2023: “From the creators Untitled game “Goose”“, many expected the goose to return to the scene. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but the developers did not disappoint and showed a new unusual game called Big walk. No geese are causing any harm here yet, and there are quite a few of them. wonderful characterswho just went for a walk.

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On the other hand, we should talk about A co-op multiplayer adventure about teamwork and mostly conversation, but it also seems to be about having some fun silliness in a big open world. You can slide along mountain ridges, jump into holes, balance on bridges, lock yourself in a room. Well, in short, it will be an (un)usual walk with friends.

Emphasis is also placed on go clubbing: watch sunsets and ride the train. You can steal things from your friends and just do things on purpose. But at the same time you will solve various puzzles, complete tasks and discover a lot of interesting things. Teamwork will be crucial as sometimes you are at a loss for words. And literally.

Release date still awaited for 2025, and this is on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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Source :Indian TV

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