Last Sentinel from the creators of GTA promises a futuristic Tokyo in the open world – INDIAN

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Can’t get enough of these open worlds? Maybe it’s time to take a look The Last Guardian. Game Tri-A from the studio Lightspeed Los Angeles. It is under the jurisdiction of international company LightSpeed ​​Studios and China’s Tencent, but Lightspeed LA is described as operating independently. Among other things, it should consist of some former Rockstar employees. Likewise, the game is being worked on by veterans who took part in The Last of Us, Uncharted or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In total, the studio will employ more than 200 people.

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Thus, the studio is headed by Steve Martin, who previously worked at EA in addition to Rockstart. So what? The Last Guardian Hooray? This must be a game open world set in a futuristic dystopian Tokyo.. Specifically, the game is set to take place 70 years after sea levels have risen and parts of Tokyo have been flooded and surrounded by a large protective wall. It should be the old Tokyo we know. However, above sea level there are futuristic buildings that at first glance resemble Blade Runner or other similar cyberpunk settings..

Unfortunately, as with some announcements, that’s all we know. According to officials, the team is focusing on creativity, originality, interactivity and story. But everything can work out either way. The CGI trailer (the game itself will run on Unreal Engine 5) also hints at androids or robots and likely a lot of action. And also the main character named Hiromi Shoda.

But what comes of it—when it happens—we must allow ourselves to be surprised. We don’t yet know the year of release or the platform.

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Source :Indian TV

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