Payday veterans want to whet players’ appetites with Lair of Wolves – INDIAN Heist

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Developers from the studio 10 cameras presented their new game at The Game Awards 2023. Payday veterans launched a co-op shooter in 2019 GTFO and now they’re coming out with the techno-thriller Lair of the Wolves. He focuses not only on survival, but also on planning heists.

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A game Wolves Day built on four-player co-op. Set in a future techno-thriller set in the city of Midway in 2097, you’ll be tasked with corporate espionage, sabotage and assassination. You will have various technological gadgets at your disposal.

Midway should become the vibrant heart of corporate America, the capital of capitalism where all corporate entities are represented. This important location has exchanges as well as an impenetrable security infrastructure. Of course, only until you intervene.

The authors plan to enrich the game with new content over time. It should be enough for only one player in co-op to buy it.

With this in mind, the horror shooter’s development is coming to an end. GTFO. The final update will be released today. It’s called Rundown 8.0: Duality and it wraps up the story by adding lots of new levels, new weapons, a new set of missions and more content. Plus, the game is finally available on Steam, where you can try it out thanks to a free weekend.

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Source :Indian TV

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