Den Of Wolves is a new product from the creators of the first parts of the cooperative FPS Payday.

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Den Of Wolves is a new project from the development studio 10 Chambers, which is associated with the first two parts of the Payday series, and at the moment also with the successful first-person shooter GTFO. Their new product will again be co-op, so it will appeal to all those who like to play with friends. In it, players will be tasked with operations in which they will try to infiltrate heavily guarded facilities. The story takes place in the not-too-distant future, giving players a number of options to deal with situations.

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Den Of Wolves will only be released on PC for now. The creators have not yet been informed when it will appear. It is speculated that the reason why the game will only appear on one of the major platforms first is so that the game can be customized this way, after which it will be ready for release on other platforms.

Source :Indian TV

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