Bethesda returns to paid mods in Skyrim

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In 2017, Bethesda launched the Creation Club program, which allows players to purchase in-game credits with real money. They can then be exchanged for selected modifications in Skyrim. Players often criticized the system He was waiting new modifications. In particular, common mods and items in the Creation Club have been unified. A new system called Creations by Bethesda Game Studios therefore, it now includes both free and paid modifications.

However, from the point of view of paid mods, each product must be go through the approval procedure in Bethesda. Only after this step can individual modifications be charged to their authors. Overall, the new Creation Club should be more modder friendly and generally more open. The previous approval process was significantly more complex and relatively restrictive for regular mods.

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On the other hand, there remains a system of credits that you will have to purchase before purchasing specific paid mods. The new system is currently available as part of Skyrim Special Edition on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It is possible that Starfield will also see something similar in the future. From a Skyrim perspective it’s also worth noting several new features, which appeared in the game simultaneously with the updated Creation Club. First up is full support for portable Steam decks and widescreen monitors, with a few minor fixes.

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