The November chart was dominated by two new Czech releases: Last Train Home and Bzzzt – INDIAN.

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The ranking of the best-selling games in November this year was dominated by two Czech new products. Most of all, domestic players bought historical real-time strategies Last train home and a great platformer Bzzzt. At least these are the results reported by the Xzone store. He sold the second Czech novelty in his own publication.

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“The highly anticipated debut from Brno-based studio Ashborne Games had just two days left to take its place in the rankings, and yet it jumped straight to the top spot. Last Train Home has become one of the most anticipated games of the fall in Xzone. That’s why we sold out of the game almost a week before release, although we managed to get half of the parts intended for the entire Czech Republic.” reveals Xzone.

“It’s a shame that publisher THQ Nordic has so strictly limited the number of copies of the physical edition of the game. Czech gamers are still used to buying boxed games for PC, and Last Train Home should have been one of the best-selling games of the year if there was anything to sell.” added Martin Szovanec, founder and co-owner of Xzone. “The second Czech new Bzzzt was released in our Xzone Edition, and after an incredibly positive reception from players and journalists, Karel Matejka’s soulful project has become our hit.”

Fortunately, they will reach the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. more pieces. As we told you yesterday, new parts of the Last Train Home Limited Edition will be arriving on PC in mid-January.

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Source :Indian TV

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