What came first – the chicken or the egg? Seeking Truth in Polylith – INDIAN

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What do you think came first – the chicken or the egg? This question, which apparently has no solution, was probably asked by the developers from the studio Polyperfect, who decided to create a game in the prehistoric period. Why else would there be a chance to meet the Bank Chicken in this game? But let’s leave the chickens alone for now. Creative director Pavel Novak we had the opportunity to interview this year Access to the gamewhich took place in Brno, and therefore it is appropriate to convey to us the genre of the game Polylithic described in my own words.

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“It’s a third-person survival game, but what makes it special is that you take care of your tribe. Trade management or automation also plays a role here. The story unfolds in two periods, that is, in prehistoric times from the revival of hunters and gatherers to the era of agriculture, when you no longer hunt mammoths, but grow crops and take care of animals.”

Polylithic combines two periods. Mesolithic and Neolithic, when man gradually moved from hunting to farming. And it must be said that the game manages to pull off this combination in a fun way, even with an educational edge. That is, except for small details. Chickens, more precisely Bankovsky’s chickenyou couldn’t Mesolithic they searched diligently. After all, this was, first of all, a time when mammoths or saber-toothed cats still roamed the Earth. As with the squirrel Scrat V glacial period I didn’t mind the precision at all. And, as Pavel Novak already told us, this is not an entirely accurate depiction of prehistoric times.

“We wanted to make prehistory a little special and maybe even explain why the planet is so colorful. We’re also playing with sci-fi elements that fit into the overall concept.”

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Source :Indian TV

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