Cute Poro from League of Legends is already in your wallet thanks to Mastercard and Commercial Bank.

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There are over 160 unique characters in League of Legends, but there’s only one creature that everyone loves. You can’t play as cute Poro, but now you can have him in your wallet thanks to Mastercard and Komerční banka. In addition to this, you will receive 6250 RP directly in the game as a gift until the end of the year.

One of the most popular free games, League of Legends from Riot Games, is replenished with new characters every year. But we haven’t found a single furry creature among the playable ones. This is cute Poro from Freljord, the part of Runeterra where the League of Legends world takes place. Now this shaggy pet is available to the players themselves.

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The cute poro from League of Legends is coming to your wallet thanks to Mastercard and Komerční banka illustration 1 poro card 1

Fluffy Poro is shy but friendly. You can bribe this creature by offering, for example, cookies. However, to date, this has been Pore’s only interaction in League of Legends with the players themselves.

Mastercard and Commercial Bank are delivering Pora directly to players’ pockets. Both brands have jointly released a new payment card with the design of this cute creature. This is another limited edition series that has previously offered players designs based on champions such as Kai’Cie, Jace, Ornn, Nidalee, or Aatrox. But for the first time on the map we can find a non-player character from the game.

Well-known personalities from the Czech League of Legends scene participated in the preparation of the new limit, namely popular streamer and former captain of eSuba Herdyn, as well as former professional player and coach Freeze with streamer Charmie.

In addition, representatives of Komerčka and Mastercadru prepared a unique robot, Poro, for the release of the card. This is the first prototype of its kind in the world, and also approved directly by Riot Games. He not only moves, blinks and “talks”, but also sticks out his tongue in a characteristic way. The unique animatronic robot can be controlled remotely from a tablet, as well as through Twitch chat. All you need to do is send him an emotion with his favorite cookie.

In addition, the robot is entirely manufactured in the Czech Republic. Experienced prop masters Martin Pech and Miroslav Golub worked on it together with the creative agency Good Game for about two months.

The cute poro from League of Legends is coming to your wallet thanks to Mastercard and Komerční Banka Illustration2 poro 1 map to scale

Mastercard is proud to partner with Riot Games globally to bring us the final opening ceremony of the 2018 World Cup. Back-to-back matches are some of the most popular esports events in the world. This year’s final was watched by more than 6.4 million concurrent viewers.

Moreover, the project with a unique payment card with the “It’s Time” motif from Mastercard and Komerční banka is not their first activity on the domestic puppet scene. Last year, they co-hosted the largest Czech League of Legends tournament, Prague Champs, in the O2 Universe in Prague. A year earlier, during the release of the very first cards featuring the champion lolka design, they announced a cryptographic game that attracted over 11,000 players.

Cute Poro from League of Legends is coming to your wallet thanks to Mastercard and Komerční Banka Illustration3 Poro Card 1

Source :Indian TV

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