Street Fighter-inspired VR game FINAL FURY gets trailer, characters and open beta

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Kluge Interactive, the veteran virtual reality studio behind rhythm game Synth Riders, announced today that its highly anticipated VR fighting game FINAL FURY will enter open beta testing in early 2024 on Meta Quest and SteamVR. To further add to the excitement, during the IGN & UploadVR Showcase the studio also unveiled a new gameplay video featuring never-before-seen characters.

Inspired by the golden age of arcade fighting games, FINAL FURY promises epic combat, breathtaking graphics, innovative controls, a diverse roster of characters and fast-paced gameplay tailored for newcomers and veterans alike.

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Highlights from today’s exciting new trailer include exclusive gameplay footage, atmospheric cinematics, and two new characters: Lyda, a master manipulator who commands a legion of deadly scarabs, and Valdan, a wraith who wields a hellish blade to exact revenge on fellow combatants. For a chance to be among the first to experience FINAL FURY, VR gamers can sign up for upcoming tests and exclusive information from the developers on their website.


In addition to the open beta invitation and game trailer, the developers also confirmed a list of features and modes that will appear in the game at launch:

  • Innovative VR combatcombining arcade combat mechanics with physical gameplay.
  • Nine playable fighterseach with a unique moveset, arena, and personality.
  • Single battles against CPU opponents in modes Arcade and Versus.
  • Online competition through matchmaking or private matches.
  • Original Soundtrack breathtaking, consisting of Zardonik.

As longtime fans of classic fighting games like Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat, our goal with FINAL FURY is to recapture the nostalgic feeling of arcade gaming and take it to the next level, simply with the exciting perspective and innovative controls that are possible. with virtual reality. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but we’re confident that we have a unique experience on our hands that will define an entirely new genre in virtual reality and inspire fighting game fans around the world.» – Abraham Aguerocreative director at Kluge Interactive.

Final Fury

The FINAL FURY open beta will be released on Meta Quest and SteamVR early next year. Players interested in seeing the game for themselves can sign up for beta testing and exclusive information from the developers on the official website, wishlist the game on Steam, and join the fighter community on Discord and X/Twitter.

About Kluge Interactive

Kluge is a gaming studio dedicated to creating games that start exclusively in virtual reality and expand to other devices. As creators, we are currently working on several games in the social, music and fitness fields, following the success of Synth Riders, our flagship game. Kluge began as a creative technology studio serving clients of all sizes. As we grow, we will continue to work with partners who push the boundaries of new technologies to create meaningful connections through games in the immersive technology space.


Enter a new era of combat in FINAL FURY, a revolutionary VR fighting game inspired by the golden age of arcade fighting games. Experience epic matches like never before with immersive graphics, innovative controls, and fast-paced gameplay tailored for newbies and veterans alike. From the creators of the popular virtual reality rhythm game Synth Riders!

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Source : Married Games

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