Insurgency: Sandstorm developers hit by layoffs at Embracer

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Another of the many teams affected by the financial situation of the Swedish holding. Hugger Hooray New World Interactivebest known for developing the tactical team-based first-person shooter game. Mutiny: Sandstorm.

The first information from Insider Gaming indicated that the studio had been completely shut down, with most of the team behind the recently canceled project losing their jobs. “Our project at New World Interactive was canceled today and most of the team, including myself, was fired,” one developer wrote on LinkedIn.

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“We are committed to filling existing vacancies at Saber with people affected by these changes where possible,” the division spokesperson adds. Saber Interactivewhich the New World falls under.

This year, Embracer has already laid off more than a thousand people in teams such as Gearbox Publishing, Digital images, Cryptic Studios, Fishlabs or Crystal Dynamicscompletely canceled my studies will, Bondage by the fire and the same fate awaits in the coming days Free radical design.

Insurgency: Sandstorm developers faced layoffs at Embracer zing nej hra 2023

Source :Indian TV

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