EA fires Codemasters racing specialists

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This year, layoffs will also affect the authors of the F1 and WRC racing series from the British studio. Codemasters. IGN’s statements were confirmed by the parent company. Electronic artbut did not specify the number of employees forced to leave their positions.

“Sometimes a company needs to make small organizational changes to align our teams and resources with changing business needs and priorities. We continue to work closely with those affected by these changes and provide them with appropriate support throughout this process,” an EA spokesperson said.

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The American publisher bought Codemasters in 2021 for $1.2 billion. At the time, his boss Andrew Wilson said he had no plans for the team behind the brands. Dirt And Net make more significant changes. Despite this, the director soon left the studio. Frank Sagnier and financial director Rashid Varachia. Later, one of the Codemasters affiliates joined the team. Criterion for development Need for Speed: Without Limits. People from the team were then absorbed into EA Sports. A little crazyowned and operated by Codemasters Project cars.

Last year F1 did not achieve much financial success and neither VKR in the hands of “Cody”, things did not go as well as expected. “EA Sports WRC is a decent rally game, impressive above all with its excellent driving model, rich fleet of vehicles and a large number of detailed stages. But the strengths of the game remain in the shadow of outdated graphics, weak presentation and generally unfulfilled expectations that fans of racing games had for the premiere part from EA and Codemasters,” we wrote about the game in review.

EA Releases 2023 Zing Game for Racing Specialists Codemasters

Source :Indian TV

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