Bohemia Interactive studio presents a new game Ylands EDU

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Czech studio Bohemia Interactive announced the launch of a pilot program for the educational application Ylands EDU. The project started in October as an open beta version and a number of institutions have already signed up since its launch. Ylands EDU is a standalone application that has been in development for several years based on the famous adventure game Ylands. Application intended primarily for primary schoolswhere it should help teachers teach basic digital competencies and introduce programming.

Thanks to a powerful editor adapted for creating educational lessons, almost anything can be taught using the application. Since October of this year, the beta version (pilot program) of Ylands EDU has been open. 80 educational institutions have already registered.who are already working on preparing their own lessons.

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“I was looking for a way to put programming into practice and Ylands EDU found me. Quite by chance, at the “Computer in School” conference, I visited a group of enthusiasts who gave me an educational version of a popular game. My enthusiasm was met with great response from the 8th and 9th grade students. The end of the school year has already been marked by discoveries, programming, debugging and, above all, gaming. According to the participant: “Now I’m doing something real.” presented by Martina Caslavova, a teacher at the Jungmann Gardens Melnik primary school.

“The first signals from teachers that they would like to use Ylands as a teaching tool appeared several years ago when we presented our game abroad at game fairs such as the American Pax or the German Gamescom. We thought about this for a long time and drew up a market map. When a year and a half ago we started touring schools with the first prototype and interest groups, we realized that we had in our hands a product that was original in many respects, and the interest in it exceeded our expectations,” he adds. Ales Ulm, Ylands project manager at Bohemia Interactive.

Ylands EDU is now available to Czech teachers via the Microsoft Store for the Windows operating system.

Elands EDU

Source :Indian TV

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