Game Pass games cost over a billion dollars a year, but the service pays for itself – INDIA

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Xbox CFO Tim Stewart recently caused quite a stir when he expressed his desire to make Xbox more accessible. Game pass on all devices that play games, including PlayStation and Nintendo. Phil Spencer also talked about this in 2019, but according to Stewart, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard accelerated these plans. It got to the point where the head of Microsoft’s video game division had to deny everything.

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Speaking to Windows Central, Spencer said that they have no plans to offer Game Pass on these platforms. Instead, Microsoft plans to continue supporting the hardware even though the Xbox is obviously not selling as well and is significantly behind the PS5 and Switch. Microsoft doesn’t want to release Xbox sales figures because they aren’t that important. The company focuses on the overall experience. It consists of the Xbox console and Game Pass.

After that, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming devoted himself to the service itself. Although this may seem incredible to many, so Game Pass is financially viable because it makes money. The Redmond giant has invested a lot of money in subscriptions and is trying to offer a service that supports all kinds of games, from the biggest ones to obscure indie games you didn’t even know existed until you played them.

This is the main advantage of Game Pass. But a constant stream of third-party games comes at a cost. According to Spencer, these deals are worth it. more than a billion dollars a year. In addition, there are also its own projects, including the trio Grounded, Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush, created thanks to Game Pass. There may be other similar smaller games from larger developers.

Microsoft intends to further expand and improve its service, and this means support not only for Xbox, but also PC and cloud. In short, the company wants us to be able to play games on as many devices as possible and transfer saved positions.

Next step launching your own mobile store, which will compete with Apple and Google. After all, because of the mobile market, $68.7 billion was spent on Activision’s acquisition of Blizzard King (authors of the hit Candy Crush). Spencer identified the mobile market as an important part of Microsoft’s strategy, actively working on it and negotiating with partners who would like to have more opportunities to monetize your games. The store should open pretty soon.

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