Heroines in Defense Derby: December Update Reveals New Characters and Features

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RisingWings, an independent studio from KRAFTON, Inc., has revealed the contents of the December update for Defense Derby, its real-time strategic defense mobile game available for Android and iOS devices.

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This update adds Moonlit Night, a new physical type unit belonging to the Spirit faction. Known for her unique short-range chain attacks, she is equipped with the Shadow Accumulation skill, which increases her power with each subsequent attack. However, this improvement resets after each wave. When paired with units that can block movement and increase the duration of the wave, Moonlit Night emits a unique glow.

Heroines in a defensive derby

Players can obtain Moonlit Night through a variety of in-game methods, including Blessing Shop, Lucky Roulette, Destiny Challenge, and Featured Pack, which were recently updated for the new Dusk and Dawn season. To celebrate the debut of Noite de Luar, the game introduced a special Combate Derby event, the Noite de Luar Mirror Match, in which each player starts with the same Noite de Luar deck. This event is available until December 14th.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Defense Derby, the game recently introduced three new heroes, including Finesse, who is now available. Finesse is a Physical-type hero from the Spirit faction, capable of performing a series of attacks with his basic attacks to increase damage. His signature move, Spring Breeze, temporarily increases his attack speed. Additionally, a new human heroine, Lana, is expected to join the cast in January.

Heroines in the defensive derby
Heroines in a defensive derby

On December 15th, players can expect the arrival of Fiery Imp, a new unit from the Magic-type Spirit faction. This ranged debuff unit specializes in reducing the damage enemies deal to the castle. This new character will be introduced in the Combate Derby – Fiery Imp Partida Espelho event, which will take place from December 15 to 28.

Additionally, the November 2 Defense Derby update introduced a new PvE feature, Hero’s Journey, where players can engage in 1:1 battles with heroes in each stage. Victories are awarded Gold of Glory, which can be exchanged for units in the Glory Store.

For more information on Defense Derby, visit the official website or follow the game’s social media channels.

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Source : Married Games

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