Street Fighter 6 creators want almost $100 for new cosmetic changes

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Street Fighter 6 is definitely a quality game that is definitely worth checking out for its gameplay. But now the publishing house has made a step that few people were happy about. The kit comes with a new series of cosmetic modifications, which, however, are not cheap at all. If you want to make all your heroes special, it will cost you $99.98. Her performance caused a lot of emotions among the players.

Street Fighter 6 Creators Want Almost $100 for New Street Fighter 6 10 Cosmetic Changes

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The main reason isn’t so much the overall price of the cosmetic pack, but rather the fact that for a $5 investment you don’t have a chance to unlock any of the skins on offer. For them you will receive only 250 Fighter Coins, and one modification costs 300 points. If you really want this skin, you’ll have to purchase the $12 pack, which contains 610 coins. If you want to have them all, you’ll pay more for the cosmetics than for the premium version, which is quite reasonable. Therefore, it is obvious that the community is not very happy with this move by Capcom. However, your only defense would probably be to not buy this very affordable package. Hopefully next time the publisher will choose a less aggressive strategy.

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