The back looks interesting. Combines cinematic shootouts and hand-to-hand combat – INDIAN

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Nekki development studio presented an action game SPINE. The first gameplay trailer introduces us to a futuristic cyberpunk world, hand-to-hand combat, an efficient combat system, a movie-like feel, and a vibrant graffiti aesthetic.

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“Defend a tyrannical system and become a hero in a cyberpunk world ruled by artificial intelligence.” reported in a press release. She compares SPINE to the aesthetics of films. gun-fu.

We can look forward to a story-driven single-player event in which we’ll take on the role of rebellious street artist Redline, accompanied by her sentient combat implant Spine. Together, they challenge the autocratic regime of the Tensor Corporation’s AI while learning to trust each other.

By improving your relationship with Spine, you’ll strengthen Redline’s reflexes and master amazing combos using a unique camera and fight choreography developed by action experts. We should feel like we’re in an action movie.

SPINE is in development for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Studio Nekki has previously created games for mobile devices, so let’s hope that the developers will succeed in this more ambitious project. Sifu Another unconventional fighting game will appear in the world.

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Source :Indian TV

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