Frostpunk 2 Reveals a Huge City You’ll Be Commanding – INDIAN

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After pointless movie trailers, we finally get to see how it all plays out. Frostpunk 2 look like. Polish studio 11 bit presented the first short gameplay demo, dedicated to a city in which people are trying to survive the frosty winter.

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Frostpunk 2 takes place 30 years after the first part. Since the famous events, the city has undergone significant changes. As it grew in size and population, diverse and conflicting desires arose among its inhabitants. However, Frostpunk 2 still focuses on a new story set in a harsh post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

As you rightly expect, so you will become again leader of the metropolis, which is hungry for resources and whose expansion and search for new sources of energy is an inevitable reality. After the age of coal, oil extraction from the cold earth is expected to be the new salvation of what remains of humanity. However, change is not easy, and not everyone in this new multi-layered society welcomes this new direction. It is expected that the sequel will go far beyond the scope of the original game; the fate of the city will again depend on your decisions.

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Source :Indian TV

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