Killer Instinct is now available for free

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Yesterday the last part of the 2013 action game Killer Instinct was released. saw the release of a free free version, which is available on PC (Steam), as well as on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. With this move, the game from Double Helix Games and Iron Galaxy celebrated the 10th anniversary of its release. At the same time, the game received support for DirectX 12 technology and a partial improvement of the version for the Xbox Series X/S console, which will allow you to play in 4K resolution in combination with 60 frames per second.

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The free version of the game will offer only one playable character at a time, which, however, will change every week. In terms of game modes, players will have access to the classic single player mode as well as local and online multiplayer. It’s also worth noting that the free option continues to be complemented by a standard paid version, subtitled Anniversary Edition, which is available on PC and consoles for €30.

If you have already purchased Killer Instinct, it will be available for free in the library instead of the existing version. An anniversary edition will appearwhich was also released via PC/Xbox Game Pass.

Source :Indian TV

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