GTA producer Dan Houser spoke about his new projects

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Dan HouserThe co-founder of Rockstar Games, respectively a former producer and screenwriter of the GTA series, announced a couple of projects that he is working on in his studio founded two years ago. Absurd enterprises. Anyway, this isn’t a video game, but Houser names his team transmediaIt is quite possible that one of the brands will eventually visit the world of video games.

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Heading American capers begins its journey as a graphic novel. “It centers on two normal, hard-hit American families in a world of corrupt business, politics and crime,” the studio describes. The illustrator will be a comic book creator Simon Beasley.

The second project is a science fiction audio series. Best paradise. The twelve episodes will feature an existential thriller set in the near future. The company will be their co-producer. CODE Media.

Houser left Rockstar in 2020, twenty-two years after founding the studio. Joining his new team are fellow Rockstar veterans Lazlow Jones and Michael Unsworth.

Source :Indian TV

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