Bethesda responds to negative Starfield reviews on Steam

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Despite an influx of free updates and patch packs, sci-fi RPG Starfield, which released in September, currently has to settle for an average rating of 69% on Steam, which places the game in the Mixed category. Bethesda support seems to be trying to mitigate the influx of negative feedback. It started recently be more responsive to userswho added a negative review on Steam.

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A user with the nickname was one of the first to notice this trend on Twitter. JuiceHead, who immediately included several replies from Bethesda. Reaction to user ratings and comments is not unusual, especially for small indie game creators. However, for big AAA games, at least on Steam. this is definitely not a rule.

However, some users pauses over the formulation of some arguments, which may seem general, while the impressions and individual criticized features of the game are rather trying to refute, and Starfield is perhaps too vehemently defended in the aggregate. The real question is what Bethesda expects from this kind of “communication” with players.

Source :Indian TV

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