GTA and NBA 2K publisher sued over virtual currency – INDIA

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Companies 2K games And Take-Two Interactive is facing a class-action lawsuit over the inability to bring virtual currency to sports games. The reason is the decline of virtual currency after the servers of old games were shut down.

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The lawsuit states that the publisher does not warn about the possible loss of purchased virtual money if the game is deleted or its servers are turned off. Likewise, users are not allowed to transfer virtual currency to new parts of the series. For this reason, companies have rob a player and engage in illegal business practices. The NBA 2K, WWE 2K and PGA Tour 2K series are mentioned.

The lawsuit was filed by a minor with the initials JA on behalf of his mother. He is seeking fair non-monetary and monetary compensation for himself and those whose in-game currency was removed from their accounts between 11/17/2019 and the present. Once the lawsuit is approved, other US residents will be able to join.

This is not the first lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive. Last year, a class-action lawsuit was filed over the use of loot boxes in NBA 2K games. They were intended to psychologically distract players from the financial consequences of their purchase. In this year’s review we wrote that NBA 2K24 has more violent mechanics than free-to-play games..

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Source :Indian TV

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