American kids want game consoles, game subscriptions and in-game currency from Santa – INDIAN

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This won’t be a big surprise. Video game-related content is a Christmas gift for American children. According to the survey, he prefers it 72% of respondents before money, clothes, electronics, physical toys, tickets, experiences, art and books. In contrast, only 22% of children surveyed want to directly play a physical video game.

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The survey was commissioned by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and included a sample of 500 children and adolescents (10 to 17 years old). This is the most popular gift among children. video game subscription. 39% want PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass and more. Consoles, 32% of accessories and 29% of in-game currency have lower percentages. This indicates a growing interest in free-to-play games, with Roblox and Fortnite likely leading the way. Only 22% of children mentioned a physical video game.

In the second phase of the survey, 500 adults aged 18 to 65 responded. 32% of them plan to buy video games as gifts for themselves or others.. They also plan to spend an average of $485 on gaming-related gifts this year.

“More than 212 million Americans play video games regularly, so it’s no surprise that gaming was at the top of wish lists this year.” explained ESA President Stan Pierre-Louis.

“Whether a family is purchasing a new console, controller, headset or expanding their library with new games and DLC, we know that video games are a great way for families to play together and bond during the holidays and beyond.” he added.

Americans spent $4 billion on gaming hardware, content and accessories this October, down 5% from last year. Last month’s best-selling game in the US was the PS5 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is expected to release in November. The series’ sales decline in October compared to last year was also attributed to last year’s Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 only came out in October.

What do you want/buy? In our house (three kids ages 5 to 7), physical toys still reign supreme in the form of dolls, toy cars, a barking dog (thanks to TV commercials), or LEGO.

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