New Sample from Project M Offers Fast Action and Decision Making Like Detroit – INDIAN

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If you like games from the studio Quantum Dreamthen you will probably be pleased with the new trailer Project M from the Korean studio NCSoft. The company recently boasted a new demo that features not only stunning graphics created in Unreal Engine 5, but also the fast action and immersive decision making that characterizes games like Detroit: Become Human or Shower. So, if you want a rich story where you have to make quick decisions using action buttons, then this is possible. Project M just for you.

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Although it’s still a game the style in which he guides the player is more reminiscent of a thriller narrative. You become part of the story and enjoy an interactive movie rather than a game. Already the first trailer beckoned with a rich story that would be full of dramatic scenes, violence, supernatural abilities and, of course, attempts to protect your family. It will include not only quiet scenes where you need to neutralize several enemies, but also firefights in which your stationary front sight will be visible.

The emphasis is also on those decisions that are most likely to affect the situation around you, and with a little luck, will have an impact on the course of history. But it is still not entirely clear what the story itself should be about.

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Source :Indian TV

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