The first Life is Strange has reached a worthy milestone

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The first part of the Life is Strange series appeared like a bolt from the blue and immediately won the hearts of gamers. What captivated the world so much? Prim acted out a presentation about the story of a young girl with special abilities who observes the world around her and actively intervenes in its course. For many players, the account of her fate became something truly unforgettable. The studio subsequently released other games after the first game, but the reach was never as significant as in the case of the first LiS.

The first Life is Strange has reached the milestone of Life is Strange 2.

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The fact that Life is Strange was a success is confirmed by the current post of the developers on the network. X. Where the creators celebrate more than 20 million players who found their work worthy of attention. A very worthy performance for a representative of this genre. Let’s hope that its authors will continue to create such high-quality works.

Source :Indian TV

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