Game publisher Spirittea comes under fire for comments about insolvency to influencers

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According to information provided by the publisher No More Robots, the cute game Spirittea became one of the pearls, thanks to which the company managed to receive a considerable amount of funds. A small title with a million dollars in the bank undoubtedly marks a big success, which probably few people expected from him. Company chief Mike Ros praises not only the success itself, but the fact that he says it was achieved without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money to YouTubers and other influencers to display the title. them. In short, he says viral marketing doesn’t have as much impact as it’s often made out to be, and he completely rejects the idea of ​​paying these celebrities.

Spirittea publisher comes under fire for insolvency comments to Spirittea influencers 1

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The main reason for this is assumed to be that he simply considers this direction to be insincere. However, he would like to see what kind of numbers the game would do if he involved influencers in the entire promotion process. While one could say that the idea of ​​not paying to play should be received positively or at least neutrally, in fact it was the opposite. The series appeared on the X network critical voices This is due to the fact that YouTubers deserve money for their work, so it makes sense for them to ask for a certain amount as part of the presentation of games.

Some then work with the fact that Spirittea still had coverage on their part and now, after Mike Rose’s statement, they very much regret that the title received support from them. The publisher, with his statements, divided the community interested in his work. However, it must be said that not everyone is on board with the idea that paying influencers to showcase games is the way to go. Objectively, the question is whether YouTube support helped achieve success. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and also on Nintendo Switch.

Source :Indian TV

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