Ubisoft is suspending advertising on X. And it’s not the only one – INDIAN

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Disputes about Twittersorry, no Xafter the network was taken over by a multi-billionaire Elon Musk, countless numbers have been discovered. While you might think that further problems with the platform or the attitude of its leadership would come as no surprise, the opposite is true. After all, increase in anti-Semitic content or Holocaust denial publications It’s simply impossible not to notice.

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Back when the social network was called Twitter, often inappropriate opinions of users were spread uncontrollably, which was twice as good during wartime conflicts. Musk’s approach to free speech has not helped the phenomenon. Although, the head of the space company SpaceX and the automobile company Tesla also plays with this idea as he wants. On allegations that X displays anti-Semitic content alongside advertisinghe responded with a lawsuit.

The leftist pressure group Media Matters for America issued this statement, and it must be said that its influence was significant. From a platform that has been struggling with a significant drop in revenue for a long time, namely other well-known advertisers have left. The video game giant was also among them. Ubisoft.

In a statement to news server Axios, the French publisher said that on Platform X suspended advertising. Prior to this, the company ran an active campaign on X promoting the new VR game Assassin’s Creed Nexus, which we talked about in more detail in our review. The sponsored post reportedly received 10 million views.before it was demolished.

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Source :Indian TV

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