Another competition for Tarkov? A mining shooter from the creators of PUBG – INDIAN will be released next year

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It hasn’t been long since we informed you about leaked footage from prey shooters ARK Raiders. According to many, this turned out to be an ambitious competition to Escape from Tarkov, currently the most popular game in this genre. However, next year there will be another game of the same nature, also from experienced developers.

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Behind the name with designation “Project Black Budget” comes from Krafton, the studio behind the former battle royale hit PUBG. Announcement of a new extravagant shooter planned for second half of 2024occurred with the publication of financial results for the third quarter of this year.

Besides that there will be a game intended for computers and unspecified consoles, we have virtually no other information available. So what Project Black Budget will offer is anyone’s guess.

It’s clear that many studios see great potential in the over-the-top shooter genre. However, at the same time, this is a big risk, which is perfectly illustrated by trying to include Call of Duty or Battlefield in the same genre. Considering the cessation of support shortly after the release, there is no need to talk about success.

It’s worth remembering the recently announced hardcore tactical action game. War in the Gray Zone from the Czech studio Madfinger Games, which is in development for PC.

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Source :Indian TV

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