Don’t worry. Wonder Woman won’t be a live-action movie after all, Warner Bros. confirms. – NATIVE AMERICAN

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Story-driven superhero action movie Amazing woman this was announced already in December 2021, that is, almost two years ago, but, unfortunately, there is still little information. This is why hinting at anything related to the nature of the title is absolutely important for fans of the DC Universe.

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Recently she scared many of them. speculation that Wonder Woman designed as a live service game. This is evidenced by an advertisement from Monolith Productions, whose goal was to find a senior programmer with experience maintaining a live service product.

It would also make sense given the recently unveiled plans from Warner Bros., which liked the concept of live events so much that it wants to implement it across its biggest brands.

In the long run, live service games can generate more revenue. This does work for multiplayer games, and players are used to it, but putting battle passes, seasons, and a lot of microtransactions into single-player games is not something many players are comfortable with.

Warner Bros. however fortunately, he refused to let Wonder Woman’s development go in that direction.. In a statement to the foreign server IGN, he said that the creators should focus directly on the single player as such.

“Wonder Woman is a single-player adventure game set in a dynamic open world. This third-person experience will allow players to become Diana of Themyscira and will feature an original story set in the DC Universe, as well as the Nemesis system. “Wonder Woman was not intended to be a live service.” presented by Warner Bros.

It is not yet known when Wonder Woman will be released. We are expected to hear new information on December 8th. Gaming Awards 2023.

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