Gamers are delighted with Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0

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Cyberpunk 2077 definitely didn’t receive much of a standing ovation from players when it was released. The game was of high quality, but was released in a rather dubious technical condition and, in terms of content, sometimes did not fulfill everything that was promised at various press conferences. Fortunately, development of this game did not end with release and continued with the same intensity in the following years. A rather important moment for this game was the release of the Edgerunners series, which greatly fueled interest in Night City. Now the authors have a new expansion for us, Phantom Liberty, in addition to which the 2.0 update has also arrived in this work, which the community cannot praise enough. A heated discussion about the new update even broke out on Reddit.

Day passed. What do you think about update 2.0?
by Hextallfan68, cyberpunk game

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And it looks like most of the community is excited about what CDPR has accomplished. According to some, the game is currently 10 times better than when it was released. A certain part even thinks that this is actually a completely different project than when it came out. Overall, players are excited about update 2.0. Criticism is minimal, so the developers can finally be proud of themselves. They managed to give the world what was promised, which doesn’t happen often. Cyberpunk 2077 is now reaching its full potential, so we hope its sequel can be released in the same form as RPGs these days.

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