How much do Microsoft games cost on Game Pass? Games can pay hundreds of millions of dollars on release day – INDIAN

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After disappointing results with the Xbox One, Microsoft hasn’t released exact results, hasn’t talked about sales of its games, and only sporadically reported the number of Game Pass subscribers (last mentioned at 25 million as of January 2022). Moreover, we should be grateful for the release of documents on the dispute between the US Federal Trade Commission and Microsoft. Someone at Microsoft made a mistake and posted everything on a California court website.

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This must be a real headache for Microsoft. Interesting information was discovered in one of the many letters. Phil Spencer complained about the delay in the release of Starfield and called 2022 a disaster. At the same time, he urged his subordinates to plan better to ensure a more consistent supply of games to the market. He grumbled about the lack of Xbox and Game Pass exclusives.

As a replacement for the delayed releases of Starfield, Redfall and Stalker 2, which have an unknown release date, Microsoft executives have begun evaluating other games. They even stated what their chances are of getting into Game Pass and how much it might cost. This way, we can get a more accurate idea of ​​what the company pays for similar games. The company did not officially disclose the amount.

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