The famous E3 exhibition will not return this year

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The famous fair will not return to the Los Angeles Convention Center this year either. Electronic Entertainment Exhibition (E3). The exhibition was canceled after participating in E3 2023 rejected by leading video game publishers including Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Xbox), Nintendo and Ubisoft.

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The organizers announced the cancellation of E3 2023 in an email sent to their attendees, according to IGN. The email states that while E3 is still “a favorite event and brand”, so this year’s version it did not generate the necessary interest to make it happen in a way that would show the size, strength and influence of our industry.“.

Shortly after IGN’s announcement ESA and ReedPop have confirmed the cancellation of E3, both physical and digital.. It was supposed to be the first physical E3 show since 2019. The organizers wanted to get closer to the players and invited not only game manufacturers/publishers, but also famous personalities to Los Angeles.

The 2020 show was cancelled, in 2021 E3 was purely online, and a year later the show was canceled again, just like this year. Previously, this was due to the situation around the pandemic and restrictions related to covid-19.

This confirmed the fears of previous days, when journalists and players wrote that E3 without kiosks major publishers won’t be what everyone expects from the Los Angeles show. Microsoft planned to participate only in the form of a presentation, and Sony, Ubisoft, Tencent or Sega did not want to participate at all.

“It was a difficult decision given all the efforts we and our partners put into making this event possible, but we had to do what was right for the industry and for E3.” Kyle Marsden-Kish, global vice president of ReedPop, which was scheduled to host E3 this year, said in a statement.

“We appreciate and understand that interested companies will not have game demos ready and that due to resource issues attending E3 in the summer will be an obstacle for them. We apologize to those who chose to attend E3 2023 that we cannot deliver the show you deserve and expect from this experience.” adds that ReedPop and ESA will continue to collaborate on future E3 events.

According to unofficial information, the publishers were annoyed bad communication. They didn’t know what they were up to until the very last moment. In the end it was better retreat and skip E3. If this is true, then it is a great shame. At the same time, ReedPop has experience in organizing large and popular events such as EGX, New York Comic Con and PAX East.

It seems that the famous E3 is a thing of the past. During the coronavirus epidemic, webmasters tested that they could broadcast on their own, and also learned how to make online presentations only for journalists. Besides Geoff Keighley took the opportunityproducer and host of The Game Awards Summer Games Festival and will return with him this year, namely June 8th.

“Four years ago, I realized that E3 was not developing the way it needed to compete in a global digital world. So we started building what’s next. See you at Summer Game Fest.” Kaylee added.

Planned after Summer Game Fest Presentation of games for Xbox And Starfield Direct (both 6/11). The next day will pass Ubisoft Forward. Ubisoft will even hold its ground in Los Angeles show. In the same period, a big presentation of the PlayStation is expected. But Sony hasn’t announced it yet.

As you can see, June should be interesting despite the canceled E3. We just won’t have it in one place in three or four days. Let’s hope the companies take a break in July so we can rest in the office and enjoy the summer. In August, the traditional Gamescom should take place in Cologne.

Source :Indian TV

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