Rustler authors parody Red Dead Redemption after GTA

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The 2021 Rustler will have a successor. The authors of the game, which was called medieval GTA or Grand Theft Horse, decided that this was not enough, and brought a parody of Red Dead Redemption.

The project is called Cowboys and Rustlers and it retains quite a few things from the previous title, including the isometric view. Developers cook it they want to give players a unique human-horse friendship. This is the official description:

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“Immerse yourself in the story of two outlaw friends — a delighted rider and a cynical talking horse — told through the magic of an action game from a bird’s eye view. Rob banks, summon graveyard ghosts, and help your horse friend finally write his groundbreaking sci-fi novel.”

It should be take place in a slightly wild and slightly bizarre West, where you’ll also cheat at poker, race stagecoaches, and try to lasso anyone. Everything will be accompanied many anachronistic pop culture references.

Currently, only a PC version has been confirmed, but Rustler has also appeared on the last two generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch. Cowboys and Rustlers are likely to follow the same path.

Source :Indian TV

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