Atomic Heart will receive full Czech localization

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At the end of February, we informed you about the release of the Czech assault rifle from the translator for the Atomic Heart event. Now we learn that the game it will also see traditional localizations with manual translation as subtitles.

The beginning of work in Czech was announced by a translator with the nickname Mayki through the Prekladyher website. Lately it’s been about active translatorwho recently translated games like The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil in Me, Deliver Us Mars or Scars Above into Czech.

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“A controversial game, but it would be a mistake to condemn it. Nice graphics, variety of environments and enemies, just the right amount of text, these are all the reasons why I decided to translate this game. I’ve also uploaded a short preview of the translation from the beginning of the game so you can see what it’s likely to look like.” the localization author himself states in the description in Czech.

It is currently already about 10% transferred. You can watch the 30-minute gameplay demo above in the preview. Like the vast majority of unofficial translations, Czech will only be available on the PC version of the game. If you are looking for games with Czech localization, you can check out Lorelai’s latest horror offering, which is currently available for free and has an official Czech language.

atomic heart

Source :Indian TV

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