Rust developers cancel community event due to death threats

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Prior to this year’s GDC, Rust developers (Facepunch Studios) had to meet with the community to have a chance to chat with the creators of their favorite game. In the end, however, this meeting will not take place for a number of reasons, which to some extent reflect the situation around society and the toxic minority that spoils the experience for everyone.

Rust producer Alistair MacFarlane described the company’s employees’ relationship with problem players as follows:Community staff are threatened on a daily basis by players criticizing changes they don’t like on social media. These players often go to great lengths to target individual employees, which often takes a toll on their mental health.”. However, the main reason for the cancellation of the meeting was a series of death threats, which McFarlane commented:These threats are very worrisome and should be taken seriously.“.

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For ordinary members of the community, this move was a disappointment. However, most understand the concerns of the creators as death threats are becoming more and more common these days. However, according to McFarlane, these are in the minority: β€œThe vast majority of fans are treated with respect and support. There will always be a small group of people who act in a threatening and offensive way.”.

Source :Indian TV

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