Fortnite will become Roblox

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Popular battle royale shooter Fortnite will get a new editor soon. Content creators who have already created notable content for Fortnite will be able to working with the Unreal Engine 5 editor. Fortnite will be able to create all kinds of content, including new games and experiences.

Unreal Editor for Fortnite (abbreviated as UEFN) will be a standalone PC app available on the Epic Games Store starting March 22, 2023. It will be in beta for now, but it will work similar to game editor v Robloxit will just be more advanced, at least in terms of 3D.

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Compared to the current Fortnite Creative will not require users to control the character in the environment during development. However, the new tools will work alongside the existing suite, and creative teams will be able to work together on PC and consoles to develop and test custom islands and other content in real time.

Recently, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney revealed that players will be spending half of their time in Fortnite playing community-created content. The original game island is very popular.

Source :Indian TV

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