Dr DisRespect unveiled a new trailer for his game Deaddrop

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Doctor DisRespect is a character that most gamers associate with streaming various shooters, where he usually points out design flaws and gameplay itself. To show the world what can be done better, one Friday he and his team are working on the FPS Deaddrop, which is supposed to be a revolutionary act in this genre. If you want to try his new product now that it is still under development, the famous streamer gives you the opportunity. But not for free.

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To gain access, you need to purchase a tower key for $25, which will give you access to the production version of this innovative shooter, a battle pass, and a range of other features, including exclusive streaming rights. It is supposed to be a limited offer, but the question is whether it would be better to wait in this case, because, at least from the footage presented so far, it was not such a revolutionary act. It’s not yet clear when Deaddrop will make its full release on PC.

Source :Indian TV

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